Advanced General Relativity



Advanced General Relativity

John Stewart

title: Advanced General Relativity

Author(s): John Stewart

volumes: 1

pages: 228

language: english

format: djvu

General relativity is the flagship of applied mathematics. Although from its inception this has been regarded as an extraordinarily difficult theory, it is in fact the simplest theory to consummate the union of special relativity and Newtonian gravity. Einstein’s ‘popular articles’ set a high standard which is now emulated by many in the range of introductory textbooks. Having mastered one of these the new reader is recommended to move next to one of the more specialized monographs, e.g. Chandrasekhar, 1983, Kramer et al., 1980, before considering review anthologies such as Einstein (centenary), Hawking and Israel, 1979, Held, 1980 and Newton (tercentenary), Hawking.and Israel, 1987. As plausible gravitational wave detectors come on line in the next decade (or two) interest will focus on gravitational radiation from isolated sources, e.g., a collapsing star or a binary system including one, and I have therefore chosen to concentrate
in this book on the theoretical background to this topic. …